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  • Territa Chambers, LCMHC



    Women engage with everything from relationships, family, work/ life balance, body concerns, health, spirituality, personal growth, self-acceptance, self-awareness, work issues and that’s just to name a few.

    I have personally and professionally been in ALL of the before mentioned spaces. I’ve been on countless diets, phone calls with friends for hours (or those who I thought) in attempt to relieve anxiety and stress, in the prayer line, in unhealthy relationships- ALL OF IT. Yes, it helped sometimes, but not long term. It’s tough feeling deep inside like you’re not good enough, all while
    your accomplishing goals and “looking successful”. It wasn’t until I became accountable to my negative internal dialogue, renewed my thoughts that I begin to experience transformation. And GURL, that’s a never-ending job. Transformation is an evolutionary process, with ebbs and flows.
    Anxiety, compulsions, negative emotional patterns and cycles, body issues, eating concerns, relational issues, feelings of stagnation are symptoms and indicators that the transformational process is calling you.

    As a licensed clinical mental health therapist, coach, and
    consultant, I specialize in supporting women who struggle with creating/nurturing healthy relationships, finding and loving themselves, body image and acceptance. I work with women who
    truly want to learn and live in their authentic truth. I pride myself in being down to earth, relatable and my clients appreciate being able to let their guards down, I enjoy life and I want to help you do the same. I counsel a lot of people who struggle with living in their
    truth. I help them to see where the roadblocks are that keeping them stuck. As a therapist and transformational coach, it is my job to not only help you see who you are but to help you move through the limiting beliefs and circumstances that keep you from living your life from a place of possibility.